Hi, It's Phil and Michelle.

Meet Phil  

Phil’s background is as diverse as it is impressive; he left school with only a few qualifications and started his working life as a dishwasher in a restaurant, even at times working up to 3 jobs. These jobs allowed him to put himself through university, graduating with a BEng (Hons) in Civil Engineering and later a Masters in European Construction Engineering.

Following this he has built his career path in both the UK and Dubai, starting in recruitment, before moving into the exhibition stand industry, real estate, and even owning kite surfing and Latin dance businesses. His accomplishments in these varied industries can be put down to his skill as a networker. A major point of pride is that he never once turned to cold calling to gain leads.

After being introduced to BNI in 2007, Phil previously worked as a consultant director, training and launching new chapters. As a result of his success he was handpicked to develop Asentiv an international franchise dedicated to developing and honing the business skills for entrepreneurs,
with a specialty in relational marketing. These skills enable individuals to quickly and efficiently increase their business by building a dynamic and sustainable network. 

When Phil isn’t training or travelling on speaking assignments, he happily resides in Dubai where he indulges his passion for food, enjoying his lovely wife Michelle’s cooking and hosting dinner parties.

Meet Michelle  

Michelle is Australian by nationality, African by birth and a resident of Dubai for over 20 years. This life journey has resulted in her ability to understand the need for freedom, compassion and family.  

At the age of eight, she knew she wanted to be a teacher. She happily worked in small and mid-size schools in both Australia and Dubai for 34 years as a teacher and senior leader. Until recently, she was head of a prestigious primary school in Dubai, a role she relished and enjoyed. Recruiting, managing, mentoring, and leading high performing teams was a skill she developed over many years, always putting the needs of ‘the human’ first. 

As a survivor of two open heart surgeries as a result of a childhood illness, Michelle also knows first-hand the importance of a balanced, diet and healthy lifestyle, so in 2021 she took the decision to re-calibrate and combined her passion for food with her teaching skills to form Homecook Me.

Homecook Me enables Michelle to work with other passionate home cooks; to empower and inspire them to produce healthier, tastier meals using wholesome ingredients.

As a new, small business owner, Michelle quickly realised the importance and value of quality networking as a vital activity in marketing. The launch of SBC is an exciting new venture with her husband Phil Bedford. Michelle is delighted to put her leadership and management skills to good use through the SBC networking events. SBC She Connects is particularly close to her heart.

When she is not trying new recipes and entertaining, Michelle enjoys reading, walking on the beach, weight training, yoga and salsa dancing. At every given opportunity, she loves to travel and explore new countries through their unique cuisines.