Smash Your Sales Targets Without Cold Calls, Big Marketing Budgets, or Sleazy Sales Tactics.

With the Millionaire Networker Method, learn how to effortlessly build relationships and a thriving referral network that

brings your dream clients to you 

Phil Bedford, Course Creator:


Building a strong network is the surest way to recession-proof your business. A great network will bring you opportunities in any economy. This program is designed to show you exactly how to build that network, nurture, and grow it.



About The Millionaire Networker

This program will allow you to harness the power of relationships and networking to grow your business. Unlike typical sales and marketing tactics, this program redefines the entire way you approach your clients. 

You see, building and tapping into your network is the warmest, most comfortable route to steady, effortless client flow. 

Whether you are brand new to business, run a well-established company, or work in a sales-based role, this program will help you to build the right relationships in the right way so that hitting your goals becomes almost effortless. A strong network brings business to you, rather than you having to chase down the next opportunity. 


Program Plan

The Millionaire Networker is a complete roadmap to becoming an ace networker. Four detailed modules will cover every aspect of relationship-building for business that you need to build a thriving, engaged network that generates business opportunities for you in any economy. 

Module 1: Groundwork (What To Do Before Networking) 


Understand the ins and outs of networking, set goals and learn how to masterfully identify potential clients, referral partners, and ‘believers.’ In this module, you’ll create a networking strategy so that your efforts are successful right from the start.

Module 2: In The Room (When You Are Networking)


Learn how to build confidence, introduce yourself effectively, and apply the tried-and-tested ‘Phil-tering System’ to build deep, meaningful relationships. Master the art of great conversation and make the critical shift from showing up to ‘sell’ to showing up to ‘serve.’ 


Module 3: Network to Net Worth (After the Event) 


Connect with and train your referral partners to spot business opportunities for you. Dive deep into the top 10 skills of a master networker. This is the module where you learn how to nurture the connections you have made and turn them into friends, clients, believers, and referral partners.

Module 4: Digital Networking (Connecting Online)


Connecting with people in a post-COVID world looks different. Learn how to make a great first impression on-screen, create seamless relationships and make profitable connections online and offline.



Hear from Our Growing Community

We are proud to have been a part of so many success stories. From small business owners to sales professionals to global CEOs, our Millionaire Networker methods have helped a growing community of networkers worldwide.

As an experienced business owner, I was under the impression that I knew it all when it came to networking until I met Phil Bedford.  Working with Phil, as my networking coach and guru, I have learned so much about the skills required for effective networking which has had a positive effect across all of my businesses which in turn has had an amazing impact on my life.

- Fiona Swaffield, Passionate Entrepreneur & Networker | Owner - Siren Events,  My PA, Shooting Cars UAE, and Siren Dragon Boat

In a small business in particular, where resources are very limited you have to become very resourceful in how you approach different aspects of the business from prospecting and selling, delivering your products or services. This is where I can recommend the coach and business mentor Phil Bedford; our business is going from strength to strength.

-Alan Bell, Founder - Pixel Roses

A great personal network is good for the soul, life and business this is a simple easy to read mind opener, perfect for business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs. [Review of KISS the Rebel of which this course is based.]

- Jack Canfield, Best selling Co Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul & Author of the Success Principles. 

For every coach & leader looking to learn how to grow a profitable business & help more people find happiness. [Review of KISS the Rebel of which this course is based.]

-DR. Marshall Goldsmith, Best Selling Author of Triggers, Mojo & What Got You Here, Won't Get You There. #1 Leadership Thinker Globally. 


Why The Millionaire Networker Works

Go At Your Pace

The videos, exercises, and modules are available for you to go through at your own pace, on your own time. Business is busy and unpredictable, and we understand that. Take this at your own pace!

Share Your Progress

We have built accountability and community right into the program. After each exercise, you will be urged to share your thoughts, questions, and progress with Phil and the Millionaire Networker community. 

Lean on Community

The best part of any growth program is being a part of the community of like-minded individuals who are on the same journey as you. Lean in, help, ask for help and practice your new networking skills right here, right now! 

Lean on Phil

Phil, a business coach with 20+ years of experience hosts office hours and Q&A Sessions. We (Phil’s team) are always in there to keep an eye on any SOS messages, too, in case Phil misses them, so we've got your back.


A Message from Phil Bedford

Hi! I'm delighted that you're considering The Millionaire Networker program and community. I've been coaching, training, and supporting business owners for over two decades now, and over the years, I saw that there were no practical, real-world tools to help business owners and professionals learn how to build those crucial relationships and networks. 

I saw some extremely talented business owners in my community miss out on opportunities because they did not know how to build and leverage their networks. 

I wanted to change that and so I created a program that takes you through the entire network-building process from A to Z. The tools and lessons in this program helped me write my story. And I can't wait to help you write yours! 

Join the Millionaire Networker Community

Work with Phil and his community of high-achievers. Put yourself in the right space, the right company, and on the right track for exponential business growth. 
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