Attention: Startup Founders and First-time Business Owners

7 mistakes that kill young companies. This is how to recognize them. And crush them.


Learn how to see them, stop the bleeding today, and fix them tomorrow @ 8 am as you drink your 3rd large coffee.

If only business owners asked for help before it was too late…

Hi! I’m Phil Bedford

You may recognize my name…

I’m the business coach startup founders come to when they need help with growing their business.

For over 21 years, I've coached and worked with over 1000 business owners on five continents. I’ve seen them celebrate massive victories and endure heartbreaking failures.

While the successes brought me joy… The failures got me thinking.

How could entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas, solid credentials, and a track record of corporate success…

Crash and burn? I wasn’t prepared for what I found.

7 mistakes were at the core of every failed start-up.

Business Plan

Target Market

Build a Marketing Plan

Minimizing risk

Handling the Financial


Task Delegation

Time Management

Strategic Planning

I’ll cover everything you need to know about avoiding them and setting your business up for success.

My goal is to help you save years of frustration and possibly millions of dollars in lost business and opportunities.

Introducing ‘The Se7en Deadly Start-up Sins’ ...

A 3-part framework that focuses on how to recognize, avoid, and fix the mistakes that can break the backbone of your company.

Step 1: Discover

Recognized the Se7en sins

Step 2: Plan

Brainstorm and devise your strategy for avoiding them

Step 3: Action

Implement your plan


It's an online self-paced training designed for busy business owners like you.



Two decades of working with founders have given me a ringside view of what makes a business successful and what can cause it to fail.

I’ ve packaged these learnings into a set of videos and exercises you can study at your own pace.

No flu. Just hands-on strategies you can use to hit the ground running with an action plan
designed to suit your business.

Learn, implement, tweak and repeat.



If you’re thinking …”Oh no, Phil. Not another community ” , let me reassure you that this isn’t one of ‘those’ communities headed by a faceless Guru who randomly pops in and out - and whose members keep themselves busy with random comments and likes.

This is a thriving, high-energy space where business owners like you seek to grow their business without the accompanying stress and frustration.

Find out what’s working for them, what doesn’t, and what they are doing about it. Jump in, ask for assistance and oer help if you sense an opportunity.



It's best you attend these ‘live’. Every session is packed with ‘Aha’ moments as members reveal how they overcame challenges they previously found insurmountable.

Ask your most pressing questions and get immediate help from me and from others who’ve previously faced that problem.


Imagine what your business would look like if you could navigate around every hazard that destroys 90% of start-ups in their first year… Imagine if you could use that knowledge to lay a solid foundation that brought in high-quality clients month after month Imagine creating a war chest of financial reserves that protects you from economic downturns and unforeseen life events Now look…

I’m not one of these ‘gurus’ flexing in front of Lamborghinis and rented mansions, promising you the world. Bottom line? Yes, all these things are more than possible. But it takes time. Patience. Hard work. Consistency. And above all the ability to spot and avoid the Se7en critical mistakes that cause many founders to shut the doors on their business.


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